Demonstration of ACES Encryption as a Service Solution at DoDIIS 2021

Alamo City Engineering Services Inc (ACES) is showcasing our new encryption as a service: Application Container Encryption System (ACES) at DoDIIS in Phoenix Arizona! Please stop by booth 338 for a demonstration of “ACES.”

ACES Booth 338 at DoDIIS 2021

With this new technology, we are addressing the mishandling of controlled unclassified information (CUI) as well as providing content management for all information the originator transmits.

ACES’ new technology encapsulates data of any type into a patent pending encrypted container to protect data at rest and data in transit.

The Application Container allows the sender to control their data from cradle to grave by leveraging data rights management, multi-layered encryption, multifactor authentication, geo-fencing, and time-based controls. The sender never loses control of their data and can retrieve it or destroy it at any time.

Use case example: if an email or system account were hacked/decrypted, it results in loss of any or all information on that system. By using ACES encryption, the loss of data is reduced to a singular email, or file, not the system or all information on the server, or the whole email thread. Each container has its own unique encryption, and uses a check-in system to control access to the data so that it never leaves the originator’s control.

From ACES Founder/President and CEO, Craig T. Stephens:

We have been working on the Application Container Encryption System for over a year and recently showcased the Application Container Encryption System to several members of SOCOM, who after receiving the demonstration asked, “do you realize that you’ve created the perfect zero trust solution?”

Please schedule your “ACES” proof of concept today by contacting us at, or by dialing (210) 386-7340.

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