• Forescout eyeSight

Forescout eyeSight provides unparalleled visibility into your entire Enterprise of Things (EoT) without disrupting critical business processes. It discovers every IP-connected device, auto-classifies it, puts it in context and assesses its policy compliance and security posture the instant a device connects to the network.  If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it, and eyeSight solves that foundational problem.


eyeSight delivers the assurance you need to start protecting your enterprise of things against cyber risk.

  • Agentless Visibility – Gain unparalleled visibility into all IP-connected devices across your extended enterprise the instant they connect to the network – no agents required.
  • Continuous Monitoring – Gain complete situational awareness of all devices in your Enterprise of Things and their risk profiles as eyeSight continuously monitors the network to discover and auto-classify devices and assess their security posture.
  • Passive Profiling – Take advantage of eyeSight’s passive-only profiling techniques to gain device visibility into sensitive IoT, IoMT, OT and critical infrastructure systems without impacting system uptime, introducing operational risk or disrupting critical business processes.
  • Complete Asset Inventory – Get a real-time asset inventory of all physical and virtual devices – IoT, IoMT, OT, mobile devices and network infrastructure – across your campus, data center, cloud and OT networks.

How It Works

EyeSight provides device visibility across your Enterprise of Things in three comprehensive steps:

  • Discover – eyeSight uses over 20 passive and active monitoring techniques to discover managed and unmanaged devices connecting to your heterogeneous network infrastructure.
  • Classify – eyeSight auto-classifies traditional, IoT, medical, OT and IT devices using a multi-dimensional classification technology to identify device function, type, operating system (including version), vendor and model.
  • Assess – eyeSight continuously monitors the network and assesses the configuration, state and security of connected devices to determine their compliance posture and risk profile.

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