Forescout Consulting & Architecting

At ACES, our focus is to provide a tailored solution that matches the customer’s needs. Our architecting capabilities extend from the smallest single site network up to a worldwide deployment with hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

ACES offers a complete package to include installation, configuration, custom design and maturity mapping to help guide customer’s toward a more advanced and process related solution. Bridging the gap of IT and OT, ACES provides guidance and planning to all areas of their operational environment.  Gain the experience of hundreds of implementations by using our team to help plan a path that avoids pitfalls and charts an efficient sequenced path to success.

We work in new design and with those that want to mature their environment past the initial Deployment.

Design and Planning

  • Discuss and help plan for Customer long-term access control goals and compliance strategy
  • Review network design and recommend:
    • Appliance placement
    • Mirrored traffic
    • Network and systems integrations
    • 3rd party vendor integrations

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