Forescout CounterACT 7 to 8 Upgrade

Forescout has announced that their version 7 and version 8.0 products (previously CounterACT) will be end of life (EOL) in 2021 (Forescout’s product lifecycle page). At ACES, we are experts in upgrading customers to newer versions of the software. We have deep nuanced understanding of the key variables, steps and processes needed to achieve success.  Knowing whether a Direct or Gradual upgrade is critical, because the wrong path or the wrong order can be costly.  Our skilled engineers our able to guide our customers through the pre-planning, execution and testing processes to ensure a seamless operation with the least impact to your environment as well as end users.  There are four major areas of concern when upgrading Forescout’s product suite to version 8.X.  

  • Determination of the upgrade approach to ensure a successful upgrade.
  • Verification and adjustment of installed plugins and modules to supported versions required for a successful upgrade.
  • Identifying existing hardware model revision(s) are approved hardware revisions that support Forescout 8.X 
  • Determination if the upgrade will transition from Per Appliance Licensing (PAL) to the FLEXX licensing model. 

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