Forescout Administrator/Certified Associate (FSCA) Training

ACES retains a staff of several Forescout Certified Instructors (FSCIs) who provide Forescout Certified Associate (FSCA) training (formerly known as Forescout Certified Administrator) – more than any other service delivery partner.

All of our trainers are experts in real-world environments, which means we can go beyond the base curriculum and provide use cases and examples from real customer environments – along with how best to leverage the product to its fullest potential. For you the customer, this means the training provided by ACES is made far more relevant to what your organization will face day to day.

We provide FSCA as well as custom training written specifically to match customer unique environments and use cases conducted either on-site or remotely. ACES creates product, administrator, and operational training matched to the customer and their needs.

Forescout Certified Associate (FSCA) Training

Forescout Certified Associate Training (FSCA) is a four-day course featuring instruction and hands-on labs in a simulated IT environment. Students learn how to establish security policies concerning proper asset/device classification, clarification/management checks, numerous compliance policy samples, and how to implement network control actions.

The FSCA course is an excellent preparatory tool for taking the FSCA exam. Upon course completion students can take the 120-minute online exam for the Forescout Certified Associate certification with confidence.

Custom Training for Customer Enterprises Some customers opt to use the deployment as the training method. Though this does slow the deployment down while each piece of the product is reviewed, it gives real, enterprise specific training in the system. Additional training that may not pertain to the customers environment can be given at the end of the deployment to ensure the students are also prepared to pass the FSCA exam.

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