Forescout Sustainment & Managed Services (MSSP)

Want someone else to manage Forescout? Once Forescout is deployed and configured for a customer, ACES is here to help your organization quickly, efficiently and effectively leverage the capabilities of the Forescout solution, so visibility and capabilities are maximized and risk is minimized. Whether the need is to maintain the system or proceed with a march down the road of systems maturity, it is made easier and faster by leveraging ACES’s experience and expertise.  As a Platinum partner ACES works directly with the Forescout Services and Support teams for problem resolution scenarios. We can provide support with a bucket of hours, part-time dedicated support, full-time dedicated support or as a managed service (MSP) either remotely or on-site.

These services provide staff to bring immediate value while minimizing or eliminating the customer’s time and expense associated with training personnel to run new systems or temporarily, allowing the customer time to properly onboard and train additional resources to ensure a smooth transition to their team and no loss of production time. We know what’s around the next several corners – let us make it easier.

Managed As-A-Service (MSSP)

The ACES Managed Service models allow the customer to customize the service delivery and sustainment of their solution in their dynamically evolving environment by providing all necessary consulting, design, sustainment, and training solutions in one comprehensive package.


Remote assistance for customer personnel quickly gets questions answered, resolves issues and provides expedited access to a pool of experts, getting your employees back to the other issues at hand. Remote services accelerate timelines and increases productivity while negating the time and cost for travel, minimizing cost.  Remote engagements can be arranged and conducted with any customer approved remote meeting application.

On Site

On site personnel are available for dedicated full-time employees and Managed As-A-Service solutions.

Bucket of Hours

For customers that need a limited number of hours from the ACES team, a pre-paid allotment of hours can be established to provide configuration services, health checks, complex troubleshooting, and general administration of the customer’s deployment.

Dedicated Employees

ACES can provide experienced personnel, and for our government clients, cleared personnel, to help your enterprise.

The ACES FSCA’s and FSCE’s become familiar with the customer’s environment, company and product deployment. They provide configuration services, health checks, complex troubleshooting, and general administration of the customer’s deployment. Dedicated FSCE’s and FSCA’s to sustain the Forescout deployment and augment customer staff, while also having access to the rest of the ACES deep team. Perform all ACES Forescout service offerings: ACES Health Assessments, eyeSight, eyeControl, eyeExtend, eyeSegment, eyeInspect, custom policy workflows, advanced policies, custom and advanced integrations. NAC, CDM, C2C, IT, ICS and OT planning and execution.

Full time – Typically for customers that have a new deployment and need a knowledgeable team to maintain and sustain while the customers team learns and gets a better understanding the product.

Part time – For customers that need dedicated assistance to meet specific goals, appliance upgrades, advanced integrations, expansion, etc.

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