Remote Forescout CounterACT Support

Remote Forescout CounterACT Support

ACES Forescout Certified Engineer (FSCE) remote services accelerates timeline and increases productivity while minimizing cost.

By engaging ACES remote services, access to required expertise minimalizes lead times associated with scheduling an onsite engagement. Remote engagements can be arranged and conducted with any customer approved remote meeting application. ACES engineers can then work remotely with personnel to resolve issues, modify policy, answer questions and perform in a similarly to having an engineer onsite without having to schedule large blocks of time for travel and multiple days onsite.

Remote assistance for customer personnel quickly gets questions answered, resolves issues and provides expedited access to a pool of experts. This reduction in time to resolution allows onsite personnel to take on subsequent tasking.

When FSCE support is required, and three days onsite would be excessive for an existing solution, remote FSCE support is the perfect option. Remote support can be purchased and used in two, four and eight-hour blocks. This negates the cost associated with travel, allows for a more effective use of time based on objectives to be accomplished and time required to complete.

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