ACES Guardian


ACES Guardian is a biometric platform designed for organizations seeking an indisputable assurance of who is entering their facilities, accessing their computers and devices or logging into their websites. ACES Guardian is the first open-architected biometric platform of its kind; self-contained and disconnected from any network, server, or software, making it undiscoverable.


ACES Guardian integrates with all leading industry platforms and readers; eliminating the need to rip and replace existing infrastructure, while being easily phased in.


ACES Guardian is now equipped with FIDO2 security keys, an un-phishable, standards-based, password-less authentication method. (FIPS 140.2 Certification pending).


ACES Guardian integrates with all leading industry platforms and readers; eliminating the need to rip and replace existing infrastructure, while being easily phased in.


ACES Guardian was built to address the requirements of Information and Operational Technology, as well as Physical Security, providing multi-factor biometric proof-of-identity for building and systems access.


ACES Guardian biometric authentication quickly provides indisputable proof-positive identification for every computer and server login, whether on-site or working remotely. When used in conjunction with FIDO2, or any third-party logical software, ACES Guardian provides the path to a zero-trust architecture. ACES Guardian enables your organizations move to a password-less future, reducing the risks of phishing scams and keyboard logging.

ACES Guardian can work in conjunction with existing physical access control infrastructure, replacing standalone biometric solutions. ACES Guardian and its data is undiscoverable until the user is biometrically authenticated, protecting the privacy of the user and the potential liability to the organization.

With embedded UHF technology, ACES Guardian can be leveraged to track the location of the credential holder while they are in the office. That's critical when determining who is inside in the event of a mandatory evacuation. Importantly, in the COVID era, it enables organizations to implement contact tracing and determine how the illness might spread in the unfortunate occurrence of an outbreak. That can be the difference between a site-wide quarantine or targeted quarantining of only the individuals who were exposed.

The protection of biometric data is of paramount importance. Any breach exposing this ultra-sensitive personal data poses significant risks and liabilities to the organization as well as to the affected person.

In order to keep organizations accountable, several U.S. States have passed legislation regarding the collection, storage and use of biometric data. Internationally, the E.U.'s General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) legislation, along with the rules in the UK and India provide a strong stance on biometric data protection and the associated liabilities.

The potential liabilities for the mishandling of biometric data are considerable. Illinois' Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) is viewed as the most rigorous, imposing a $1,000 to $5,000 penalty for each violation, per employee, until remedied. In 2018-19, over 200 BIPA lawsuits were filed targeting employers utilizing biometric technology in the workplace.



Benefit from a return on investment, while increasing security, mitigating risk and reducing complexity.


ACES Guardian will "plug & play" with your existing infrastructure to provide a secure and touchless solution while addressing today's hygiene and privacy concerns. No need to buy infrastructure to support our solution! Protection is melded into the cards themselves with a US Patented molecular head-bonding process!

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