Forescout Advanced Administrator (FSAA) Training

Forescout Advanced Administrator (FSAA) Training

Forescout Certified Administrator Training (FSAA) is a four-day course featuring instruction and hands-on labs in a simulated IT environment.

The Advanced Administrator course expands on the content in the FSCA course. Therefore, attending the FSCA course is a pre-requisite for this training. The content of the Advanced Administrator course teaches more advanced integration and troubleshooting techniques. Like the FSCA course, this course includes hands on labs interspersed throughout the course, giving students the ability to learn by doing.

The format of the Advanced course differs from the FSCA course, in that there are 6 core modules, and up to 6 optional modules. These modules can be tailored to better address the customer environment, or the optional modules can be omitted based on the customer’s needs.

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